Last Name : Lavanche
First Name : Cédric
Birth : 09.24.1983 - Bron, France
Nationality : French
E-Mail :
Phone : +33 (0)6 10 38 52 89
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"I love my job and my main goal is to keep on enjoying what I like everyday. I love creating characters and give them life so I try to do it the best I can and as much often as I can."


September 2017 – Present Animation Technical Director at Ivory Tower a Ubisoft Studio - Lyon, France

February 2013 – September 2017 : Senior Character TD/Character Animator at Arkane Studios - Lyon, France
I am responsible for rigging characters with a high degree of quality, as well as tools support for the animation team. My primary responsibilities are pipeline building (keyframe & mocap), support, character rigging, scripting tools & character animation.

November 2011 – January 2013 : Rigging teacher at Aries esi - Lyon, France

September 2011 – May 2012 : Senior Character Animator at Arkane Studios - Lyon, France
Dishonored (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) : character animation

November 2007 – August 2011 : Lead Animator 3D at ELB Games – Lyon, France
Alice In Wonderland (Wii, PC) : character animation and setup, team workflow
Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon « AAA » (Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360) : character animation and setup, team workflow

May – October 2007 : Animator 3D at ELB Games – Lyon, France
Asterix At The  Olympic Games (PC, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360) : character animation

February – May 2007 : 3D Graphist at CORYSS TESS – Grenoble, France
Creation low poly of set for simulator of train

October – February 2007 : Animation and Rigging teacher at ARIES esi – Grenoble, France


Graduated from Ianimate in 2012 and Aries esi in 2004

August 2011 December 2012 : Ianimate Advanced Character Animation Training - Online School
August / December 2011
Workshop 4, "Facial Acting and Lip Sync".
Mentor : Jim van der Keyl (Disney, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks...)
Link to the workshop 4 reel -->

January / April 2012
Workshop 5, "Full Body Acting".
Mentor : Jacob Gardner (Dreamworks)
Link to the workshop 5 reel -->

May/ August 2012
Workshop 6, "Sequence work".
Mentor : Ken Fountain (Independent animator Dreamworks...)
Link to the workshop 6 reel -->

September/ December 2012
Workshop 7, "Polish Reel".
Mentor : Mike Walling (Dreamworks, Blue Sky...)
Link to the workshop 7 reel -->

September 2002 – July 2004 : Aries Esi - Grenoble, France
3D graphic school

September 2001 – July 2002 : Ecole Emile Cohl - Lyon, France
Arts school


"I can train and manage a team throughout the process of creation of a video game."

Maya : Character animation, Character setup, Rendering, Modeling, Texturing, Mel Script, Lightning
3Ds Max : Modeling, Texturing, Lighting
Photoshop : 2D stuff
Flipbook : 2D animation
Zbrush : Sculpting
After Effect : Compositing, Animation
GoLive : Web site creation


Non professional works : Working on the videogame « Powa Volley » sold on XNA, I was in charge of character design, modeling, setup and animation of characters

Hobbies : comics, cartoons, soccer, video games, ju-jitsu, squash


As Lead Animator (ELB GAMES) 
“I really enjoyed working with Cedric team:
- proficient artistic and technical abilities set as a lead animator.
- excellent interpersonal skills.
- a good mood and a friendly work atmosphere all along the project we were working on.” 19 octobre 2011
 Nathalie Gatto, Senior 3D Character Artist, INDEPENDENCE PROD.

“Cedric est un trés bon animateur, et un trés bon lead. Il a toujours su être vigilant quant aux contraintes techniques tout en cherchant à conserver la qualité de son travail. Il n’hésite pas non plus à anticiper sur les outils dont il a besoin afin de gagner en productivité.
Pour finir il fait partie de ceux qui savent engendrer une excellente ambiance de travail.” 17 mars 2011
 Cyril Aymard, Lead Engine & Tools, Etranges Libellules

“Cédric is someone easy to work with. Very cheerful at work, it's a pleasure to work with him (and as a gameplay programmer I have to !). He is competant and understand technical issues.” 20 septembre 2010
 Erwan Le Goffic, senior programmeur, Etranges Libellules

“Cédric, sait parfaitement s'adapter aux contraintes qui lui sont imposées tout en cherchant des solutions pour en tirer le meilleur.
De plus, d'un point de vue relationnel, Cédric fait preuve de sérieux tout en ne négligeant pas une bonne ambiance de travail.” 24 août 2010
Maxence Fleuret, character modeler, Etranges Libellules

“Il sait s'adapter très rapidement aux besoins évolutifs de la production. C'est très agréable de travailler avec lui car il perçoit immédiatement ce qui ne va pas fonctionner. Son sens de l'initiative l'amène souvent à venir discuter de ces problèmes pour y apporter des solutions avant que d'autre personnes n'y soient confrontées. Cela aide à avoir une chaîne de production bien huilée.” 12 août 2010
Matthieu Chane, Level builder, Etranges Libellules

As Character Animator (ELB GAMES)
“Cedric is a good animator and rigger, he stepped in very quickly in ELB’s animation team, easily mastering our tools and workflow.” 31 août 2010
Benjamin Fleury, Lead animator, Etranges Libellules

As Student (IANIMATE)
“I had the pleasure of teaching Cedric in my workshop3 class for Cedric picks up concepts rapidly and once learned, they stick with him.. He has always had his work on time and listens very well to critiques and makes necessary changes always to make his work better.. I have no doubt that Cedric will be a great asset to an animation team .” 4 décembre 2011
Jim Van Der Keyl, Animator in,, Animation Industry,"

"Cedric is one of the most thoughtful and dedicated students I have had in my time at iAnimate. The level of care and imagination he puts in to his work shows through in his unique performances and polished animation. Cedric is an inspiration to his peers, for sure." 6 novembre 2012
Ken Fountain, Instructor,,

"Cedric was a fun student in class because I knew that every time he showed his work it would be something different. He's got good ideas and brings entertainment into his work which is why we animate, to entertain people. I feel that Cedric is on his way to becoming a great animator and a good story teller through his animation." 18 décembre 2012
Mike Walling. Character Animator at Dreamworks,